Brake REPAIR IN Bellevue, Wa

At G&M Auto Repair we specialize in customer service, transmissions and brake repair servicing Bellevue, Washington and the surrounding areas. We excel in front brakes, rear drum brakes, brake pads and brake rotor replacement.

Brakes provide safety for your vehicle, your family, and your friends. A change in climate or temperature can negatively affect your vehicle’s brakes which can lead to dangerous malfunctions and erosions. Therefore, it’s important to check your vehicle’s brakes for unusual or uneven wear before every summer and winter because your family’s safety is paramount.

How and where you drive often determines the correct type of brake pads for your vehicle. We offer a wide variety of brake pads to best fit your vehicle’s needs and your budget. Our certified and trusted brake technicians will ensure your vehicle and it’s passengers stop safely.

• Engineered to high standards

• Assured high quality and dependability

• Tested under extreme conditions

Brake REPAIR IN Bellevue, Wa